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What Is The Difference Between Apex & Pent Sheds?

Posted on by Editor
shed in the woods roof

A shed is a handy spot for storing gardening tools, outdoor furniture, and seasonal equipment – or in many cases, anything that won’t fit inside the house. Although you might not recognise the names, apex and pent sheds are two of the most popular shed styles. The majority of sheds are either apex or pent, which refers to the design of the roof. And this design affects how much storage space the shed will offer and where it can be located in the garden.

Apex sheds feature a roof with two sloping sides which meet at a high point, or apex, in the middle. Pent sheds are sometimes described as having a flat roof, however, a pent shed features one sloping side, which will often have a gentler gradient than an apex shed.

Apex sheds are generally considered to be traditional in style, while pent sheds have a more contemporary, boxy appearance.

What Is an Apex Shed?

With two slopes which connect in the middle, apex sheds have a classic triangle-shaped roof with a ridge that runs along the length of the building. The double slope of an apex shed roof also creates two flat gables at either end. The door will be positioned on one of these gable ends, which form the front and back of an apex shed.

The design of an apex shed means that it offers more headroom in the centre than at the sides, beneath the eaves, making it a good choice if the shed is used as a potting shed or workshop. This also means that the shed has more space to accommodate long garden tools like forks and rakes, or stepladders.

The steep gradient of an apex shed roof ensures that rainwater will always run off rather than sitting on the roof, preventing water damage that can lead to leaks.

What Is a Pent Shed?

Although a pent shed roof is flatter than an apex roof, it still has one sloping side to enable rainwater to run off. This single-slope design means that one side of the shed will have more headroom, however, the gentle gradient means the ceiling height will be more consistent throughout the entire shed, making it a convenient storage space and suitable for shelving or racking.

A relatively flat roof also makes it easier to place a pent shed next to a wall or fence, as the roof doesn’t overhang like an apex roof. This is handy in a garden where space is limited, where the shed is close to overhanging trees, or where you want the shed to blend in better with its surroundings.

What Is a Reverse Apex Shed?

A reverse apex shed features a doorway on the long side of the shed, rather than on one of the gable ends. This design is popular as it allows all areas of the shed to be easily accessed, which is handy for gardeners grabbing tools and equipment, or those using their shed as a workshop.

Contact Our Shed Specialists

Whether you prefer the traditional look of an apex shed, or the contemporary style of a pent shed, Sunningdale Timber can design and build a bespoke shed that perfectly matches your storage needs and outdoor space. For a free quotation for a made to measure shed, use our contact form to get in touch or call our team on 0116 231 2876.

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