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Shed Security Tips

Posted on by Sunningdale Timber
garden shed

Sheds provide a great place for storage, a workshop or just an escape, but unfortunately they can also be an easy target for thieves. Here at Sunningdale we understand just how important a shed can be, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you make sure your property is secure.

Garden Access

If your garden is difficult to access it can go a long way to keep out any potential shed burglars. Make sure your fencing is secure, and consider planting hedges as an extra obstacle.

Shed Location

If your shed is tucked away out of sight then it gives an intruder all the time they need to access your property without being seen. By placing your shed within view it will allow you to keep an eye on it from the house and can act as that all-important deterrent.


Use a good quality hasp and padlock to secure your shed door – being careful to ensure that any screws are covered so that they can’t be removed from the outside. The same principle applies to your hinges, which are worth investing in to make sure your shed door acts as the barrier it was designed to be.


If your shed houses any valuable items then you won’t want them to be on display to thieves. Use a scrap of netting or other material to cover the window so that your property is not visible, but light can still come through for you to see by.


To really achieve peace of mind about your shed security, you could consider installing an alarm. It is sometimes possible to include the shed in an existing home alarm system, but standalone units are also available for this specific purpose.

Here at Sunningdale Timber we manufacture high quality sheds in Leicester and the surrounding areas. Working to meet your individual size, shape and budget requirements we can build and deliver your ideal shed within just 7 working days.

Fill in our online contact form and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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