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10 Uses For Your Garden Shed

Posted on by Editor
Design studio home office inspiration.

Sheds are not just there to store some old garden tools, there are so many creative ways to make your garden shed into something much more exciting. These are 10 different ways you can use your garden shed.


If you can afford the payment of the equipment, an at-home gym is an excellent option. They can help you fit exercise in with your busy schedule rather than trying to squeeze time in order to drive to a gym. These are some average prices for popular equipment you may want in your at-home gym, as well as materials you may want to add. You can make an at the home gym as cheap or expensive as you like.

Treadmill: £400 – £800

Exercise Bike: £250 – £500

Rowing Machine: £250 – £500

Sets of Weights/Dumbbells: £450

Low-cost rubber flooring tiles 16m2 (not including installation): £25

Portable Air-conditioning Unit: £150 – £300

Lighting: £100 – £500


This is the most common usage for garden sheds, whether you are planning to keep boxes of unused stuff, the family bikes or garden equipment, sheds are the best option. This will help to keep your house clutter-free, however, it is important to make sure your shed doesn’t become cluttered in the process.


Sheds don’t usually come with insulation however, with a few modifications, this could become the perfect space to work from. Working from home can be tough especially when you don’t have a designated room to work in, it can feel like your home and work life aren’t separate. Having a space to work away from your home, even if it is only the garden, will help massively.

Guest Room

Your house may not sleep enough people for you to have any guests, however, depending on the size of your shed, it could be a cosy guest room. With some insulation, a lick of paint and a comfy bed, this room can feel very homely. Plenty of people have had this idea and have come up with some beautiful results.


Whatever it is you want to make, a shed proves to be the perfect solution. Doing it inside would create and mess and will also make the house feel cluttered. However, the British weather is so unpredictable that doing it outside could result in your work being ruined by a potential downpour. Sheds provide protection from the weather while giving you a space to work freely without feeling like your home is a mess.

Games Room

Whether you wanted a pool table or maybe ping pong, this is the perfect place to have it. Most people’s houses don’t have the space to have these luxuries so having them in the shed is perfect for all year round, especially if you add some heaters in there.

Kids Play Room

Sheds come in all shapes and sizes and one of those shapes is a children’s playhouse. It can give the children a place to run freely outside even when the weather isn’t at its best. Playrooms in the house are great but having that time outside is so important for children that this may even be a better option.

Music Studio

With a bit of soundproofing, this can be the perfect place for those music lovers to create a music studio. If you add soundproofing to this shed you won’t be disturbing anyone compared to when making music in the house and you can stay up as late as you like without anyone complaining that they can’t sleep. 


Having a cocktail bar with windows to the outside make it perfect for summer parties, alternatively, you could set it up to look nice on the inside and have a small intimate bar in the winter months. Whatever you choose, it is a great way to store your alcohol and create a makeshift bar.

Movie Room

For adults and children, a movie room sounds like a great idea. You can get a projector from £30 to £500+, just read the reviews to find the version that is right for you. You can kit this room out with a load of bean bags and blanket to make the experience even better than a cinema.

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Whatever you are wanting a shed for, we can help. At Sunningdale Timber, we supply a wide range of bespoke designed sheds to fit the specific requirements that you are looking for. Call us on 0116 2312876 or fill in our online contact form to find out more information.

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